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Zakary Miller Goes Off Grid.

Yes, 2021 has been filled with just as much uncertainty as 2020 was. Booking shows and planning on smiling has been hard in the past 2 years. But alas, my recent solution has me more than reasonably excited. As my close fans and friends know, there is an eventual goal to realize a full-12-piece, Canadiana Swing Orchestra, which is still on schedule for 2024, but a much sooner, more socially distanced goal has come to fruition.

This summer, 2021, I will be playing a series of shows outdoors, with a small sound system and some incredible guests, completely run on solar power.

I have created a small rig to power my sound system and portable reel to reel tape recorder, giving me the power to record all of these live sets.

I plan on setting up often at North Mountain United Tapestry in Harbourville this summer, but also, on hilltops, cliff-sides, in town, just out of town, keep your ears and eyes open for me friends, and please, do your best to let out a good hoot or holler if you do find me. Or if there's somewhere you'd like to see me, reach out to me and we'll find a spot to hoot and holler at each other from a safe distance!

Announcements will be made here on the site, instagram, bandsintown, and maybe even a couple local papers.

These shows are just as much about being removed from the electrical grid as they are about removing one's self from the 'industrial' grid that is modern-music-making. Come join me so we can turn a cold shoulder to convention and warm the other in musical sunshine.

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