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Festival Season

Hey out there! How are you?

It's officially time to start applying to festivals for 2022. I'm flying out the gate this year applying to every festival I can in the maritimes! It's time to break out the full band. The Yodelayhee Few got one opportunity to play this year with our incredible backup singers The Dearlies who also like to go by The 3 Little Berries. (Inside joke for those of you who listened to the album!)

Alas, 2022 is the time to kick off these roarin' 20s and bring out the full horn section to shows and festivals which is why I'm going to book as much as I can, in the hopes that I'll be able to pay all these musicians as much as they are worth. I've often paid the band before myself, which some people think is crazy but come on, who are we kidding, these musicians are the superstars. I wouldn't be able to stand up there if it wasn't for their instrumental brilliance. So a cheers to the musicians I've played with, and will play with. Let this be our year to bring the sounds of early 1900s Jazz, Country and everything in between, to the masses who need to hear it, to feel the glee and joy our past heroes and ancestors needed to get through their tough times.

If there are any festivals out there who don't know about us, tell them we are coming for them. Haha, or like I am, please beg them to let us be a part of it.

Much love,

Zakary Miller & The Yodelayhee Few

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